Weld It Yourself Link



The GIANT Motorsports Weld It Yourself Link is made out of  P&O mild so you can tig or MIG weld the two lower link arms.

The side plates are 3/16′, and the top plates are 1/8′.

The kit includes 1.75′ x .120 D.O.M. tube, the forward bushing sleeve, 1.25′ threaded sleeves for the rear, and 7/8 x .188 chrome-moly boss for two shock mounting locations on each arm.

The length between the center of the bushing to the center of the heim is 55′.  The shock mounting locations divided are 1′ back from the center.

We have been racing and running these arms for years, with a 3′ king by-pass valved with extra compression to work without a hydraulic bump stop, putting all the force into the center of the arm testing the stress and have encounter zero problems.

The complete kit includes everything necessary to construct two lower link arms including instructions.

WIY upper & lower frame pivots that need extra cutting and plate
WIY truss & 4-link mounts to set up a stock 9″
Giant TT housing any width with semi ends welded on
WIY 4-link mounts for TT housing (there is extra straight built into this housing so the truss is not needed)
Upper shock mounts Dome | Flat

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