4 Wheel Drive Beam Kit


The Giant Motorsports 4 Wheel Drive Beam Kits are constructed with 1″ uniballs and

gusseted and plated and are extended in 3″ to 7″ wider per side, with a 4″ lift

with around 17″-19″of wheel travel.  Includes new plated style hiemed radius arms.
We offer the 4WD kits for Rangers, F150s, Broncos, and Explorers.

These beams are a coil over only application.

Now comes with lengthened axles!

Front & rear option for the 80-96 Bronco 

Front Option #1: 

Gets 17”-19” of travel and performs extremely well.

$1375.00 2.5 Coilover shocks

$900.00 Engine cage/shock mounts

$725.00 beam pivots

$750.00 Heimed radius arms

$235.00 Beam: gusset, skid plate & lower shock mounts

Front Option #2:

$3800.00 Widen beams w/Uni-balls, heim radius arms and axles.

$900.00 Engine cage

$1375.00 2.5 Coilover shocks

Rear option #1:

Q80 LT spring with conversion kit, Giant Shackles & frame mounts $1200.00.

Raptor take off By-pass shocks and under the bed Giant shock mount $1200.00.

Rear option #1:

Giant 64” LT leaf spring kit is a complete long travel system that also converts

the spring under the axle allowing for 7” longer spring with 17” of free arch that helps the

kit get 8”-10” of droop from ride height and has the capability of pulling 21” of wheel travel. $2,050.00.

Raptor take off By-pass shocks and under the bed Giant shock mount $1200.00.

Rear option #2:

NEW Daily Driver Link kit. It is a revolutionary invention that can go on a truck with

only a longer bake line and upper shock mounts! Every LINK on the truck remains

stock giving you tons of benefits over a 3 or 4 link.

$4,350.00 without shocks or custom bed cage.

8.8″ Axle truss $450.00

The 8.8″ is very strong but the tubular legs want to come out of the cased center

section so I make the truss to fix the problem