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  • Leaf Spring Bash Plates


    These Bash Plates are made for under the axle leaf spring setup. The design of these Bash Plates provides more protection and strength from rocks or U-bolt tension. pair 2.75″-3.25 housing axle diameter (for 2.5″” wide spring under) pair 3.5″ housing axle diameter (for 2.5″” wide spring under) Raptor 3.5″ housing axle diameter (for 3.0″ wide …

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  • Neo Synthetic


    Neo synthetic has custom make us a 5w oil for Solid Shock Co. Formulated to remain consistent during extreme applications and high temps. Made with the high quality synthetic base stock. Protects against: Oxidation Corrosion Wear Seal swell Foaming 1 Gallon Jug For ordering Call or text us today – 714-265-1450 [email protected]

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  • Spindle locking nuts


    Custom Spindle locking nuts: CNC Machined from 4140 Bar Stock Fits Dana 35, 44, 44HD, Chevy 10 Bolt front Axles, Ford TTB-most sizes. Performance locking design with slotted pinch bolts. Still can be used with stock inner spindle nut and locking washer. Stock D44 Spindle nut is still used. Black Oxide Finish, Hardware Included.  

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