Expedition 2WD Equal Length I-Beam Long Travel Kit


Expedition 2WD equal length I-beam long travel kit.

There aren’t many 2wd kits on the market for a Expedition 2WD . With our desert racing back ground we can only do it one way, and that is with the highest performance level possible. The Giant 2wd I-beam kit can get 19-21 inches of wheel travel if you do the custom installed cross over steering upgrade. You can receive this kit in many different ways. You can purchase each part piece by piece or get the whole combo kit all in one shot ready to bolt on with no welding.

EQ. I-beam kit includes the basic arms and frame mount (beams, radius arms, bolt on frame mounts and heims) no shocks or mounts.
Options for this kit are:

3” lift with 3” or 5” wider pair side.
5” lift with 5” wider pair side.