Ford F-150 Daily Driver Link Kit


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Ford F-150 Daily Driver Link
This new link design dramatically cuts the cost of linking your truck by eliminating
the upper link arm – allowing you to keep the stock frame, axle, bed, and gas tank.

Cures all major problems associated with linking you daily driver:
-Sway Control

-Passing Smog
-Allows you to keep valuable bed space
-Cuts install time and cost in half

-Traction Control
-Up to 26″ of travel
All other trucks:

Retro kits also available for Chevy, and Dodge trucks, later model Toyota’s, and
other trucks where the leaf spring is mounted to the side of the frame.

(NOT underneath) or it you go with a wider axle.

Here is a video showing the performance and capability of the NEW DDL kit:

This link shock mounts are a great starting point to making your own bed
cage with linking your truck. Can be used with a single coil over shock and
add the by-pass later or ready for both the first time.

$2250.00 bolt in Ranger bed cage